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The millennial generation has a lot of money and loves to spend it. Research done by the Coca-Cola Co. found that today’s college students have a purchasing power of about $400 billion, with more than $175 million used for discretionary purchases.

The research also showed that’s about to change. A portion of the generation, referred to as centennials by Coca-Cola, is about to transition onto campus as a smaller group that considers itself savers rather than spenders.

“Millennials grew up in a time of peace and prosperity, where centennials have experienced life in a different setting; post 9/11, the housing-bubble burst, the Great Recession, socioeconomic discussions on a global scale, and the environment,” Curt Holt, strategy and development, U.S. education channel, The Coca-Cola Co., said during his CAMEX 2015 Thought Leader session, Understanding and Engaging with Today’s Campus Customer. “All these things shaped who they are and their behavior, and that translates in how they interact in your store, their shopping patterns, and their daily lives.”

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