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Following is a detailed outline of the six major content areas of the examination with an indication (in parentheses) of how much of the test is devoted to each content area. The exam questions will reflect an integration of these domains. The content outline was derived from an extensive study that defined the knowledge needed and responsibilities performed by college store practitioners. This statistically valid role-delineation study was funded by the National Association of College Stores and is based on the NACS College Store Competency Model.


College Store Operations (CSO) (26%) Detailed Outline (PDF)

  • Bookstore Operating Cycles
  • Routine Business Operations
  • Receiving
  • Financial Management
  • Asset Protection and Loss Prevention
  • Systems Solutions
  • Physical Plant


Course Materials and Intellectual Property (CMIP) (21%) Detailed Outline (PDF)

  • Textbook Planning Cycle
  • Textbook Floor Layout
  • Communication for Course Materials Management
  • Budgeting Concerns for Course Materials
  • Custom Publishing
  • Buyback and Buying from Used-book Wholesalers
  • Digital Content Delivery


Marketing and Campus Relations (MCR) (11%) Detailed Outline (PDF)

  • Developing a Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Public Relations and Campus Contact Communications
  • Campus-wide Partnerships
  • Sales and Promotions


Leadership and Human Resources (LHR) (10%) Detailed Outline (PDF)

  • Attaining Professional Success
  • Staff Development
  • Hiring and Performance Management
  • Human Resources


Retailing (R) (20%) Detailed Outline (PDF)

  • Retail Planning and Product Categories
  • Customer Service
  • Retail Selling
  • Inventory Control and Management
  • Retailing Technologies


Business Stewardship (B) (12%) Detailed Outline (PDF)

  • Vision and Mission
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Building Systems, Policies, and Practices
  • Creating and Leading Cultures
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