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Why do I need certification?
What if I fail?

Get the Facts!

Certified Collegiate Retailer
  • About 70% of CCR candidates pass on the 1st try!
  • The majority of individualsthat do not attain the credential on the first attempt choose to retest.
  • Your candidacy for the CCR is confidential. The only people that will know of your candidacy are
    those you choose to tell.
  • The CCR program application fee includes a second test administration, if needed.
  • The fear of failing is real, to be sure. But what if you never try!?

Every journey has a destination—make yours the
Certified Collegiate Retailer (CCR) designation.

Earning the campus retail industry certification demonstrates your professionalism, calls attention to your expertise, and recognizes your experience. Our professional peers and leaders know these letters represent a symbol of higher performance, knowledge, and standards. The CCR signals someone who has their sights set on greater career success.

Obtaining the CCR designation requires successful performance on a rigorous exam covering the body of knowledge and operations in campus retailing. Maintaining the credential requires recertification every four years with completion of 60+ hours of continuing education, professional development, and industry content development or leadership.

Potential candidates and employers are encouraged to contact us at with questions.

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Program Details-Recertification
Recertification Form (DOC)
Recertification Points Log (XLS)


See who has earned CCR distinction:

Current CCR Listing

See what NACAS is saying about the CCR designation (PDF)


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