Financial Data Benchmarking Templates

Communicate the Value of Your Store

Benchmarking your store's financial performance against college store industry data is critical for decision making and planning for future growth and success. Sharing that information with your administration and key stakeholders is equally important.


These easy-to-use tools were developed by college store managers to help you simply, yet effectively, share your store's financial information. Each year the NACS data in these templates is updated with the latest figures from the College Store Industry Financial Report. Stores should not only enter their numbers, they should customize the data points to fit their campus and reporting needs.   


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Industry averages from the College Store Industry Financial Report are already included in each template. Averages are reported as a percent of net sales.  Simply enter your store's name and financial data and your report is ready. These templates are meant to be customized, so create the reports you need. Add or remove data depending on who will see the report, what information you wish to communicate, or in response to specific financial requests. You can also clarify variations between your store's results and the industry report figures by including factors unique to your campus.

If you have questions or need assistance editing a template, contact NACS' OnCampus Research at or call (800) 622-7498 ext. 2448.
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