Business Stewardship (B)

In this section you will find links to resources to support your knowledge and operations in the Business Stewardship (B) domain of store operations. If you have suggestions or samples to add to this section, please e-mail them at


The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS)

NACS joined The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) to create a set of CAS Standards and Guidelines for Auxiliary Services Functional Areas (which includes college stores). These standards and guidelines, along with the CAS model of self-assessment and continuous improvement, can be used to guide you in a self-review of your operation and identification of target areas for improvement.

CAS Standards and Guidelines for Auxiliary Services Functional Areas


College Store Business Stewardship Assessment


Assessments in higher education are not a new practice – in fact, many institutions use assessment in various areas of operation. As a collegiate retailer, it is vital that all retail practices complement and enhance your institution's stated mission and education effectiveness. Simply put, is your retail operation making a difference to the institution you serve?

College Store Business Stewardship Assessment (PDF)

Mobile Retailing Blueprint: A Comprehensive Guide for Navigating the Mobile Landscape 

According to the National Retail Federation, mobile payments in 2005 totaled $155 million and were forecast to hit $10 billion in 2010. Do you know what the actual figure for mobile payments in 2010 - $100 billion. And this is expected to double to $200 billion in 2011. (National Retail Federation, Jan. 2011)

Mobile Retailing Blueprint: A Comprehensive Guide for Navigating the Mobile Landscape, Version 2.0.0 (PDF)


Communicating Your Store's Value

The Communicating Your Store's Value guide features tips for identifying your store's contributions and worth, and numerous suggestions for getting the word out. Campus stakeholders may not be aware just how much value your college store delivers—both financially and nonfinancially—unless you tell them.

Communicating Your Store's Value: Resources, Tools, and Ideas


Benchmarking your store's financial performance against college store industry data is critical for decision making and planning for future growth and success. Sharing that information with your administration and key stakeholders is equally important. The Benchmarking and Successful Practices Committee developed these easy-to-use tools to help you simply, yet effectively, share your store's financial information.

Financial Data Benchmarking Templates


Campus Relations Toolkit
The successful college store of the future will be a dynamic campus resource that plays an integral role in the success of the institution and people it serves. It will do more than just sell course materials—it will provide an array of services so essential that its college/university would never think of having an event or activity without asking the store's participation.


A key component of this integration is building relationships with the constituencies you serve! NACS has developed several tools members can use to assess their capabilities, identify opportunities, and communicate their value to campus decision makers.

Access the Campus Relations Toolkit


Store Alignment Tool
Do the goals and objectives of your institutional college store reflect those of your institution? This is a very important question whose answer could greatly impact the future of your store. The following Store Alignment Tool offers assessment questions, action items, and related resources that can greatly assist your store.

Store Alignment Tool


Digital Content Strategic Planning Task Force Recommendations (PDF | 204 KB)

Fair Labor Association Workplace Code of Conduct (PDF | 238 KB)

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