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November 2, 2012
Videos Tease Vintage Tees for Morehead’s 125th
The University Bookstore, Morehead State University, Morehead, KY, wanted to do something special for the institution’s 125th anniversary. It came up with an advertising campaign using the tagline, “Something old is new again,” and YouTube videos featuring locations and businesses around campus long familiar to anyone who has been part of the Morehead community.
The deliberately vague ads created a buzz and kept people guessing until the store unveiled a new line of vintage tees depicting local landmarks as the finale of its annual fashion show prior to the Homecoming football game.
“It’s not just about the tee shirts,” said Manager Cheryl Farmer. “People who went to Morehead State know about Jim Bo’s. They know about Lockegee.”
Sandy Shuts Down Schools and Businesses
Social media posts from college stores up and down the East Coast indicate many are struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Many are still without power, while some are enduring flood and high-wind damage.
John Wiley & Sons’ office in Hoboken and its distribution center in Somerset, NJ, which handles higher ed distribution, are both closed. Wiley is just one of the many businesses trying to recover following the storm. The publisher experienced severe damage, forcing it to close, with full operation not expected to resume until at least Nov. 5.
“We are doing everything we can to provide the excellent customer service you have come to expect from John Wiley,” said Rich Bigger, director of training and customer relations. “We will let you know as soon as we are able to regain full service. We appreciate your patience during this difficult time.”
Bowker, provider of bibliographic information management solutions, reported via Twitter that its office in New Providence, NJ, was closed Nov. 1 because power had not yet been restored.
If your college store, or any business serving the college store industry, has been limited in its abilities due to Hurricane Sandy and you want to get the message out to the rest of the industry, or if you simply want to share your hurricane experiences, contact Dan Pender, editor, Campus Marketplace, at (800) 622-7498, ext. 2258, or dpender@nacs.org.
Flat World Will No Longer Offer Free Access
Beginning Jan. 1, 2013, Flat World Knowledge will no longer provide students free access to its web-hosted textbooks.
“While free access goes away, our mission to be fair and affordable remains as strong as ever,” said Flat World CEO Jeff Shelstad. "You are probably wondering how this business decision will impact the bookstore."
The company will continue to offer the All Access Pass (AAP)—which includes all digital versions of its textbooks, including e-book files for Kindle Fire and iPad, a PDF, audio where available, the full HTML e-book functionality, and digital study aids—to its bookstore partners for the same $28 as before and will sell the AAP via its web site for $34.95.
Flat World textbooks are being used in more than 4,000 classrooms at 2,000 schools worldwide. About 100 titles are currently available.
The company is making direct calls to many of its bookstore partners. If your store wants more information about the decision, e-mail bookstore@flatworldknowledge.com with the best time for an outreach team member to contact you.
“Flat World Knowledge has been at the forefront of the open education resource and free course material movement,” said Mark Nelson, NACS Chief Information Officer and Vice President, NACS Media Solutions. “A number of our members work with Flat World Knowledge or have its adoptions on their campus, so this will likely be of interest to multiple folks in the industry.”
Summer Nominated President-Elect
The NACS Board of Trustees has approved the slate of nominees for board officers and trustees with terms commencing at CAMEX 2013 in Kansas City, MO.
Todd Summer, CCR, director, Aztec Shops, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, has been nominated as the next president-elect of the NACS Board. The board also approved a slate of candidates offered up by the 2012 NACS Nominating Committee. They are:
  • Trustee-Midwest: Loreen J. Maxfield, director of retail services, The UIC Bookstore, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Trustee-West: Charles “Chuck” Kissel, associate executive director, Titan Shops, California State University-Fullerton
  • Trustees at Large: Donald “Buz” Moser, executive director of business services, Wake Forest University Stores, Winston Salem, NC, and Jeffrey R. Zeilenga, assistant vice chancellor student affairs, University BookStores, University of Missouri, Columbia
Store ballots should mail about mid-November with a return due date in mid-December. A nominee for the associate-supplier seat will be announced later.
NSD Winners Take Home Thousands of Dollars
The 2012 National Student Day story winners were announced, with Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Sahand S. taking home the $3,000 top scholarship prize, for “Far From Home,” his story of volunteering to help other first-year Iranian students who may be away from home without much knowledge on how to survive. The second-place winner of a $2,000 scholarship was Laura S. of Wichita State University.
To read their stories and those of the other prize winners, go to www.nationalstudentday.com/stories/2012-winners.aspx.
Education Session Descriptions Now Online
Need a fresh marketing idea or want to find out how other stores are faring with course materials? The educational sessions at CAMEX and the Campus Computer Resellers Alliance Conference in Kansas City, MO, will cover those topics and much more. Session descriptions are now posted at www.camex.org/schedule.
Session descriptions for Connect2One, again co-locating with CAMEX, are also listed.
Click on each session title to view a short description, along with other information to help attendees choose their schedule: presenters, intended learning outcomes, experience level, track, and competency areas. Information may be incomplete right now for some sessions still in the works. Room locations will be added later this month.
Like last year, the educational lineup for Friday and Saturday will feature a choice of three in-depth Thought Leader sessions each morning, with two time slots each afternoon devoted to a wide variety of concurrent Learning Lab topics. To help stores grapple with their changing core business, three of the six topic tracks will deal with textbooks and related technologies.
Several new educational formats also debut this year. Deep Dives will spend two hours exploring topics more extensively than the typical one-hour sessions. Flash Sessions are fast-paced, 20-minute programs focusing on a concept or solution; there are four Flash Session time slots (two each on Friday and Saturday) featuring a mix of practical topics.
On Sunday morning, as a lead-in to the opening of the trade show, three PowerStart sessions will provide a look at general merchandise trends, hot technology products, and student consumer research.
The topic tracks are shown on the daily schedule by colored squares next to each session title. For a list of tracks, go to the Speaker & Sessions page at www.camex.org/sessions, where you can also search for sessions by competency area, experience level, session date, session title, presenter’s last name, or keyword.
Coming soon will be a mobile version of the CAMEX web site and the popular online planning tool that allows members to create a personalized schedule. Handouts for educational sessions will be posted online starting in mid-January. Watch Campus Marketplace for details or go to www.camex.org.
Last Chance to Request a Grant
Nov. 12 is the deadline for applying for a CAMEX or CCRA Conference grant from the NACS Foundation. A grant covers one Value or First-Timers Registration and up to four nights’ hotel lodging in the NACS block.
For an application and eligibility guidelines, go to www.nacsfoundation.org/grants.
THIS INFOGRAPHIC FROM blogger Muhammad Saleem suggests that open-source textbooks can save students 80% over the price of traditionally published textbooks. Take a look at the infographic http://bit.ly/X1qb9v and see if its figures match with what you have seen in your college store.
U.K. STARTUP VALOBOX LAUNCHED its on-demand, browser-based e-book service with publishers O’Reilly Media, Profile Books, Guardian Books, Constable & Robinson, and Snowbooks. The service allows consumers to purchase specific pages or chapters of a book, using a pay-as-you-go model. Users can search the entire book, then buy and read just the parts they desire, all from within ValoBox’s online reader, which can be accessed from supporting browsers. In addition, social media sharing is built in to encourage users to share purchases, and there is an embeddable widget for blogs. As a further incentive, ValoBox offers a 25% affiliate revenue share if others go on to make a purchase.
HURRICANE SANDY COULD REDUCE sales of clothing and gifts in the early weeks of this year’s holiday shopping season, according to Oliver Chen, an analyst at Citigroup in New York. Same-store sales could be cut by as much as 3%. While gifts and apparel sales may suffer, hardware stores and grocery stores would receive a boost as people stock up on supplies.
KNO’S INTERACTIVE TEXTBOOK READER is now available on Android operating systems. Kno Textbooks supports devices running Android versions 4.0 and 4.1.x/4.2, including the Samsung Galaxy Note II; the newly expanded Google Nexus family (Nexus 4, 7, and 10); and other tablets and smartphones. It’s free to download through Google Play and is also available for the iPad, the Web, and Windows 7 devices.
BARNES & NOBLE INC. WAS SUED BY a consumer over the possible illicit capture of her debit card personal identification number as well as those of other customers in nine states. B&N announced in late October that PIN-pad devices in 63 stores had been tampered with in an attempt to steal credit card and debit card information. Compromised devices were discovered in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. The consumer claims B&N waited about six weeks to disclose the incident, and is suing based on a breach of an implied contract to protect that information and violation of Illinois consumer fraud laws.
VANCOUVER-BASED PUBLISHER D&M Publishers filed for protection from bankruptcy but plans to continue to operate while seeking a buyer or investor. D&M wants to restructure, seeing as it owes more than $6 million to 143 creditors. The largest creditor is Bank of Montreal, which is owed $2.4 million.
For the spring 2013 phase of their pilot with digital course materials, Internet2 and Educause have partnered with CourseSmart to provide e-textbooks through a flat-fee bulk license to participating institutions. As with their previous phases, Internet2 and Educause didn’t carve out any role for campus bookstores.
Titan Bob Grants Three Wishes
A Thriller from San Diego State University
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, has built a Zombie Night tradition, where a group of students get together and perform Michael Jackson’s"Thriller."
The first Zombie Night was last year with just 11 people. This year, it grew to almost double that. Plus, they added the special “Gangnam Style” ending featuring Aztec Basketball alumnus Tim Shelton.
“The video features Aztec Shops and a few friends of Shops,” said Alex Diaz, marketing manager. “It came about last year at a meeting when we were strategizing on market development for The Dining Room. I knew one of our new, very energetic employees was a 'Thriller' teacher, Cyndi Meeves, and that she would be excited to do it.”