NACS Strategic Direction 2015-2016

NACS Strategic Direction 2013-2014



1. NACS will invest the necessary resources and intensify efforts to position campus stores as academic resource centers and competitive retailers that meet the needs of students and the higher education community.

  • Cultivate strategic partnerships and strengthen relationships with campus stakeholders to support campus stores as the preferred provider of course materials in support of their institution’s academic mission.
  • Develop tools that assist stores in providing optimal service while delivering identifiable value and return on investment.
  • Support and improve learning outcomes by working with stakeholders on campus to identify affordable and diverse learning solutions.
  • Provide technological leadership during this critical time of transition from print to digital through offering current technology information and training necessary for campus stores.

2. NACS, as the leading advocate for the campus store industry, will be the voice necessary to effectively address current and emerging industry issues.

  • Intensify outreach efforts to position NACS as the primary source of information on the management and operation of campus stores, both independent and leased.
  • Influence public policy to positively impact legislative and regulatory activity that might affect campus stores and the industry.
  • Implement a comprehensive public affairs campaign combined with an ongoing messaging strategy that is aimed at higher education and K-12 stakeholder groups to ensure campus stores are included in strategic campus discussions and decisions.

3. NACS will enable campus stores to play a leading role in nurturing the campus experience and being dynamic lifestyle retailers.

  • Improve operations and financial performance through the use of industry data analytics that identifies best practices and provides a deeper understanding of the student as a consumer, learner, and member of the campus community.
  • Develop tools that assist stores in maintaining and supporting their institution’s brand on campus as part of an integrated student experience.
  • Develop marketing campaigns directed to students and other campus customers that can be tailored to each unique campus market.


4. NACS will maintain an entity that protects, supports, advances, and fosters the success of independent college stores.

  • NACS currently maintains indiCo LLC whose strategic direction is established by the indiCo Board of Directors.
  • Communication between the indiCo and NACS Boards ensures that the strategic direction is aligned to reflect NACS’ commitment to the independent college store.



NACS will elevate student success

by supporting dynamic campus

retail centers that are an integral

part of the campus experience.



NACS works to successfully integrate

the collegiate retail industry into the

higher education ecosystem through

advocacy; strategic partnerships;

and innovative direction, education,

and resources that support student

academic success and the campus




In serving its members and the

higher education community,

NACS is committed to:

  • žCreating an inclusive community
    and fostering engagement
  • žOperating with credibility and
  • Providing transparency and
    building trust
  • Exercising stewardship and
    visionary leadership


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